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" Jeanne has an ability to draw on her studies in mythology and depth psychology to talk about the theapeutic power of music in an engaging and accessible way.  From my own observations and personal experience of her harp recital at that event, and from a number of anecdotal reports I have heard of her work at the bedsides of dying individuals, I can say that her work is of the highest standard, thansformational, and deeply healing. "

                                                                                  -Michael Kearney, M.D.

" Your forum at the Institute for World Culture yesterday was truly enjoyable.  It harmonizes so well with the principles we love to study, such as Platonic ideas, Neo-Platonists, harmony, health, music, and much more. "

                                                                                  -Gerry L., Co-Director of IWC

" Thank you so much for making 'The Story of Music Therapy' such an enjoyable experience.  It was most informative, interesting, and entertaining!  You are a wonderful teacher and we appreciate all of your knowledge and expertise. "

                                                                          -Morton G, DDS, Cal State Student

" Thank you thank you thank you -- so very much -- for your participation in our wedding ceremony.  Even now, I am left speechless by the beauty of love and sacred space that was felt by all.  Your music was such a large part of that! "

                                                                               -Chuck & Julie, Newlyweds

" I can't thank you enough for playing the beautiful harp for my mother and me.  It contributed so much to my mother's serene and peaceful passage. "

                                                                     -Dolores, Daughter of a Patient

" Joy is what you bring into my life whe you play the harp.  The breeze flows through the curtains behind you, the sun shines through the mountains.  The music and your presence linger long after you leave. "

                                                               -Sharon, Hospice Patient

" Thank you for your beautiful musical talent.  This is clearly your purpose in life.  I have witnessed first hand the miracle music's wonderful sound brings to the end of life. "

                                                          -Jen L., Hospice Nurse

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